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6 Cakes That Rock


Before the kids my idea of dessert was an Italian espresso with 1 tsp of brown sugar after dinner. During the pregnancies I gained such a sweet tooth that I quite honestly have not gotten over.  Lately, I’ve been craving cake and I can’t even blame it on pregnancy hormones anymore! I just have to own up to the fact that I LOVE cake. Especially of the really pretty variety.

1. Marble Cake by Sweet Bakes

2. Donut Pretzel and Sprinkles Cake by Meaghan Cook

3. Triangle Cake by Katherine Sabbath

4. Minimal Black Cake by  Sweet Bakes

5. Floral Watercolor Cake by Custom Baked Cakes

6. Upside Down Ice Cream Cone Cake by Katherine Sabbath


For more cake indulgence follow along on Pinterest here and here


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