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7 Coffee Infused Recipes to Make or Bake


Anyone that knows me well knows about my affinity to coffee. Im almost embarrassed to admit it but even my son’s preschool teacher knows about my love for Java. Hey have to get threw morning drop off’s somehow! With the onset of this pregnancy though I must say my taste for coffee has lagged a bit. Im sure it is my body’s way of not adding the extra caffeine to my system. Im nearing my 8th month now and have started to make a truce with my tastebuds. Food I adverted from in the beginning of the pregnancy I am now starting to make nice with again. And foods I definitely should not have been eating, but could not help myself from chowing down on, have begun to lose its luster for me (thank goodness…cravings are no joke! Just sayin). So in honor of my palette normalizing itself and National Coffee Day (which was yesterday incase you didn’t know) here are some ridiculously good recipes to try infusing some java deliciousness.


For all my coffee aficionados, head on over to my Pinterest for more Java goodness

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