A Few Of My Favorite Pins Living Series

A Few Of My Favorite Pins

I love all things geometric (except for actual geometry :/ ). So, I thought it was about time to dedicate a whole post to the black and white graphic. For more geometric awesomeness check out my Pinterest board so appropriately named Geometric Love Fest!
1. I’d put together a whole bash based around these black and white striped balloons, image via What It Is
2. I could live with these hand painted coasters thrown all over our living space, and wouldn’t even complain about the mess. Coasters by The Coastal on Etsy
3. If I lived anywhere near the Portland area  A Cake Design would be one of my preferred vendors.                                            Their cakes are perfection!
4. Love this modern abstract print by Polka Dotty Dolls on Etsy
Have an amazing weekend my friends!

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