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A Lux Powder Room {Our Powder Room Reveal!}

While we were building, I envisioned a very luxurious hotel style powder room with dark walls, moody lighting, and shiney yet classic finishes. When we first began the building process I knew one thing for sure, that I wanted to make a statement in a deep blue hue somehow and somewhere in our home. I just wasn’t entirely sure the powder room is where I wanted to make that statement. So for a second, I forgo the idea and had the walls in our powder room painted a nice crisp white color. But we immediately decided to go back to the original plan of having the powder room walls dark, moody, and blue. We spent endless nights searching for the perfect color in the navy family but we kept going back to this beautiful shade of blue by Benjamin Moore. In the end we decided to paint the town (or room) Hale Navy and I could not be happier with the results. It was every bit as rich and decadent as I’d hope for. Alas, we had found the perfect place to make that bold statement I so badly wanted; in the powder room!


We started off by doing the niches while the framers were still onsite. When the time came to pick out the tile that would serve as the backsplash for the niches we chose a white marble with light grey veining. The pieces of glass within the tile add just that little bit of glam that I wanted.

After much deliberation about the mirror we decided to keep it. At first it felt too big for the space. I was afraid it would steal the moment away from the niches and make the room feel too heavy but instead it compliments the niches and accentuates them. And because the mirror gives just enough drama we didn’t have to spend more money on art. The walls are pretty as they are!

There has been a strong trend with the navy and gold color combos in interior design. Once the walls were painted I quickly realized we had already ordered polished nickel hardware for the sink faucet and handles and although we could have changed some of it to add gold to the mix I decided to keep it within the silver family.  Truth be told, I am a total sucker for a navy and gold color scheme but decided on going a bit more classic and less trendy in this space. Instead of gold hardware, we opted for polished nickel and chrome finishes. Although I still have a strong affinity to a good gold and navy combination, I am happy we decided to stay more classic in this space. Plus I could always bring in the gold with accent pieces like candles, vases, trash cans, and lotion dispensers whenever I need my gold fix!

The results are a well polished lux look which is exactly what we were looking to achieve. A modern take on the classic combination of a moody powder room accented with polished nickel and chrome finishes and grounded by classic white marble flooring and tile work with subtle grey veining. Perfection!



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