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A Note To You My Son…

You’re becoming a big brother soon. I can not believe how fast this day has come. I can still remember bringing you home from the hospital proudly galavanting my newborn along the concrete streets of New York City. Your dad and I could not stop holding and cuddling you that night. You for sure slept in my arms more than any other place (like the more appropriate places as in the crib or the bassinet) for the first few days of your life. You and I have always had that kind of connection. That mother and son bond that only a well nurtured kinship between a mom and a child could ever know. I’ve grown to accept that you are a “big boy” and are becoming your own person with likes and dislikes and many many opinions (many of which differ than mine). Best of all Im in love with the fact that you’re my buddy, my homie, my boobie-joobie. And yes, I will totally tell your girlfriend one day. She will know of the day you took my hand as we walked along the boardwalk one afternoon and said “mama you’re my life”, leaving my heart on the wooded plank boardwalk forever. She will know of the time you decided to take off everything but your Pull Ups and play in the sand in the middle of dinner unaware of humored onlookers. She will know of all the times you made things all better just by saying “is so kay (its ok)” and how your favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is drag your mama to Star Bucks for an apple juice and “choquate (chocolate) cake pop-I will forever cherish our Star Bucks dates…Oh yes, she will know the 3 year old you as much as she does the 18 or even better 25 year old you (hey a mom could dream). I love you not just a “whittle” bit but “a lot” my whittle big boy forever and always.
Ps you’re still not fully potty trained but do love putting on your Disney Cars undies.
Pps yes, you’re future girlfriend will know of this too ;)
With all my love,




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