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A Pretty Pink Table Setting For Spring

The other day my son asked me what my favorite color was. Without even an ounce of hesitation, I blurted out “pink”! Pink is not only my favorite color its my happy color. You know that color that just makes you feel good? Yup, that’s what pink does for me. In fact, as long as I can remember pink has always been that color for me. My feel good color. So now that I am transitioning my home from wintery grays and whites to more of a fresh Spring color palette, I wanted to incorporate pink in pretty pastels into my table setting. Read on as I take you through the anatomy of a pretty pink table setting that is perfect for your Spring gatherings.

Let’s start with the layers. When I put a table design together I begin with a simple layer and continue to add layers to that until I feel satisfied with the design. Here I began with a nice linen texture in this versatile table runner. I like the look of the reclaimed wood of the dining table so I rarely cover it up completely with a tablecloth. Using a runner is a happy medium that still allows me to bring in another texture into the design.

Next, I added my florals. Using clear cylinder vases as my vessels for the florals makes the table feel less cluttered even though it is layered with many different elements.

Tall stemmed hurricane candleholders are a great investment. I use mine often! I love them in trios or placed individually to add a bit of height to the design.

Bringing in some sort of metal keeps with the classic feel of the table setting but adds just that little bit of glam that I like my table designs to have.

Flowers, flowers flowers! Last week I gave you some tips on creating an impactful table design that requires very little flowers-you can see the posts here and here). This table setting however is all about the pretty pink florals. This look can easily be created by purchasing roses in 2-3 different shades of pink combined with creamy white roses. Just plop those bad boys into a low clear cylinder vase and you have yourself a sweet centerpiece for a Spring table setting.

I try to make the best use of my buffet table. I often use it as a drink station, a self serve buffet or as an extension of my table design. Here I did the ladder by adding a centerpiece that didn’t exactly match but instead complimented the centerpieces on the table.


How are you decorating your table for Spring? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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Linen Table Runner/Clear Cylinder Vase/Modern Buffet Table/Antique Silver Leaf Beveled Mirror


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