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BBQ Chicken Quesadillas



I like making meals in the slow cooker on those days where I’ll only get to cook a little bit at a time. One of my favorite (and probably easiest) meals to cook on my slow cooker is BBQ chicken. I simply add my rinsed boneless chicken onto the cooker and add a bottle of BBQ sauce with a couple tablespoons of honey. Let it cook on low for about 6 hours or until chicken can be pulled a part easily. And that’s it! I actually made this meal for Labor Day. The next day I had all this BBQ chicken left over that I simply was not going to let go to waste. Enter this yummy goodness of a Tex Mex meal; BBQ Chicken Quesadilla. Super simple and super tasty!

What You’ll Need:

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp fajita mix

BBQ Chicken

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

2 onions

1 cup Tex Mex shredded cheese


Sour Cream (I use greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream)

8 tortillas

2 tbsp butter



What You’ll Do

  1. Chop your onion, red and green peppers into long strips
  2. Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in a pan. Once hot add onions, peppers, and fajita mix to pan. Cook for a few minutes until onions are translucent and peppers are cooked slightly (about 3-4 minutes). Add your cooked chicken to the mixture with any leftover BBQ sauce.
  3. In a clean skillet heat butter until melted but not burnt. Add a tortilla and move it around until buttery. Add the chicken and onion mixture on top of the tortilla, and about 1/4 cup of cheese. Add another tortilla on top and pat it down.
  4. Flip tortilla over so that both sides cook evenly and golden brown. Remove from skillet and cut in half or quarters. Repeat these steps with remaining tortillas. Serve with a side of salsa and sour cream.




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