Casa Bump {Doors Around the World}

My obsession with doors and handmade craftsmanship began early on in my childhood. My mother had this ginormous Oriental wall unit that spanned the length of an entire wall in our living room. It was a very heavy piece painted in black high gloss, accented with gold hardware, and etched out square shaped patterns. It was like a mystery; a jigsaw puzzle with hidden doors and compartments everywhere. It almost reminded me of  an oversized jewelry box. I loved this piece. And even as a kid I knew this was something special. As I grew so did my appreciation for the artistry of handmade. To me anything handmade tells a story as if we get a glimpse into the artists creative brain. In saying this, I wanted to share with you a place I go to when I need inspiration. A place where I gather thoughts and compile ideas…this place is not exactly tangible (well sort of) nor have I actually physically been to this place (well actually I kind of have…you see, we all have) but its the place where most all begins. Its the piece that welcomes you into a home, the starting point of which a family’s story is told. It can hold a family crest, be adorned with special trinkets, be accented with a wooden bench or grandpa’s rocking chair. It can work adjacent to a floor mat that reads “Welcome To Our Home”. It can hold the key to your heart, for “home is where the heart is”. A door is your home’s way of saying ‘oh hello, come on in”.

Doors around the world…

Black and White Door in Dublin

Tunisian Door

Fun Door In France

Beautiful in Blue

Doorway in India

Decorated Door

Pretty Royal In Poland

Door in Prague

Dreamy Doorway 

A Door of Art In Paris

Sitting On A Stoop
Funny enough our front door now is painted in a high gloss black paint and our doorway is accented with gold elements. Guess old habits die hard…thanks mom ;)
To see more of these amazing doors and to sneak a peek from where I gather inspiration click here.

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