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Cibo e Vino…Some Local Love

As promised, in this post, here are some photos of the restaurant that has quickly become “our spot” and in constant rotation for lunch dates with the hubby. Cibo e Vino, even its name (Food & Wine in Italian) is casual and cool. Why we like it: the atmosphere is calming; almost like you’re having lunch at your favorite aunt’s home. You can roll up your sleeves, relax, eat and not feel rushed. Why we LOVE it: Well the food! The food is impeccable, everything is so incredibly fresh and inarguably delicious. My favorite is the root salad. A beautiful colorful medley of beats, sweet potatoes, and carrots served over arugula. Yumm…The Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese; is out of this world! Now, Im sort of a coffee and cocktail snob. Even If the food is amazing, I’d only say it was “good but not great” all due to the absence of a robust cocktail menu and lack of at-least some sort of barista skill set. I know, what a brat right? Not to worry Cibo e Vino does not disappoint in either category. Love this place, it’s Delizioso!


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