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Diesel Kids Fall/Winter 2013

I’ve always loved the fun play on rugged euro-chic that the Diesel Kids collection delivers. Their 2013 Fall/Winter collection is to die for; so so cute! Now that Aleksandar is in Pre-school, I actually have to put together outfits more days out of the week than I was used to. But with this season’s Diesel Kids collection, the guess work is all done for me. A pair of comfy cargos or jeans, a cool button down, a pull-over sweater and boom he’s done and off to school. I’d like to take all the credit for getting Aleksandar to school ON TIME every day this week (Yay me!!)…but I have a slight feeling that the easy thrown-on pieces that Diesel Kids put together this Fall has a teeny bit to do with that “on-time for school” mini accomplishment. *major pats on the back Diesel…major pats on the back*

Go here to see the whole Diesel Kids Fall/Winter 2013 Collection
Enjoy your weekend my friends :)

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