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DIY Rapunzel Braid

After I posted the Rapunzel Birthday Cake Table last week, I got so many questions on how I made the long Rapunzel braid so I thought I’d make a quick post giving you the how-to for making the Rapunzel braid yourself. It’s super simple trust me!



What You’ll Need

  1. Yellow Yarn
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Varying faux flowers (in any color is fine but I chose flowers in the pink and purple color palette)
  5. Clear hair tie or any rubber band
  6. Ribbon (not necessary but adds to the cute factor!)




What You’ll Do

  1. Measure how long you’d like your braid to be. Multiply that number by 2 and that will tell you how long to cut your yarn. I cut mine at 60 inches giving me a 2.5ft (30 inch) braid.
    Once you’ve cut your first piece you’ll use this as a guide and cut the next strands to the same size. This is the most time consuming part of the project. How many pieces you’ll need to cut depends on how thick you’ll want your braid to be. I wanted mine to be pretty thick so I used most of the jumbo pack of yarn (all but the ball of yarn left that is pictured above) for two braids just to give you an idea.
  2. Once you’ve got cut all your strands gather them together neatly into one long strand making sure the tips are as even as possible. Fold the strands in half. Now, you have your two sections for twisting.
  3. For this next part you’ll need a second person to hold the part where you folded in half. This will give you some resistance as you pull your twist. Now, simply twist your two sections same as you would twist your own hair.
  4. Lock the twist in place with a rubber band or clear hair tie at the end.
  5. Now, the fun part begins! Using your glue gun attach your faux flowers in a random pattern. For best results, use flowers in different sizes to add dimension.
  6. Optional-Add a ribbon tied in a bow at the end of your braid around your rubber band. Done!



This little Rapunzel braid added so much life and personality to the cake table at the party! Would love to see your Rapunzel braid DIYs if you are feeling adventurous ;)

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