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Essential Beauty Products For Fall


Fall is upon us at full force and here on the east coast the season can be harsh on the skin. I have to be honest though I am a creature of habit through and through. Once I find something I like I stick with it till the end! Same goes for my beauty product staples. I really wanted to give you guys a varied answer to what the essential beauty products for Fall are. That’s why I asked a few of my friends to give me their beauty must haves for the season. These are the products that made the cut! Without further ado The Essentials Beauty Products For Fall you just can not do without.


This lip & cheek tint by Bobbi Brown is great. Although, it’s named Powder Pink . It is not as pink as you’d think. Its a nice neutral color and you can also use it on your cheeks so it does double duty. I’m all about that!


I am still obsessed with matte lipsticks. I especially love a matte lip in a nice burgundy/wine color for Fall. My go-to lip color is Diva by M.A.C. If Diva is too deep, they also have Studded Kiss. It is a very similar color with a bit more of red undertone.


I don’t know if it is the constant hand washing or the lack of a manicure (totally guilty of going way too long without one) but my hands get very dry especially in these cooler months. I use a hand cream by L’Occitane. I’ve used their hand creams for years and love how supple it instantly makes my hands feel. They have several great scents but for my hands I prefer their Lavander hand cream.

A bronzer is a must for me when the summer tan begins to fade. It gives my cheeks just that bit of color and brightens up my whole face. I’ve used this bronzing powder by M.A.C for years and it’s still my go-to.


For those days where morning drop offs just do not call for a loud lip color I like using something nice and neutral. This is where I elicited advice from friends and boy did they steer me in the right direction. Love this lip tint by Benefit. They actually have several really great options for Fall, you can see them all here!


So remember how I said I love a matte lip? The only downside to that is that it can be a bit drying. Using a nice moisturizer underneath is a must for me. I used to just use any lip balm but found that some were too greasy and left behind a residue that wouldn’t allow for the lip color to go on well on top of it. This is why I got so excited when I was turned on to Albeit Nourishing Lip Balm.


NYX’s Copenhagen is another great option as a Fall lip color and you can’t beat the price!


I like a bit of mascara just as much as the next girl but I do not love having to rub my eyes over and over again with my eye makeup remover just to get it off! The Voluminous Volume Building Mascara by L’oreal was actually referred to me by a makeup artist. It give my lashes volume without clumping. As a bonus, it isn’t half as difficult to take off. Instead of a carbon black color, I like to go for black/brown for the Fall. It keeps my eyes looking fresh and open without being too heavy.



  1. M.A.C.-Diva
  2. M.A.C-Studded Kiss
  3. NYX-Copenhagen
  4. Benefit-Lip Tints
  5. Bobbi Brown-Powder Pink
  6. Albeit Nourishing Lip Balm-Pink


  1. M.A.C-Refined Golden Bronzing Powder
  2. Bobbi Brown-Powder Pink


  1. Loreal Volminous Mascara-Black/Brown


  1. L’Occitaine-Lavander Hand Cream


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