Fit Bump {Stroller Jogging + Essentials}

I often get asked how I manage to get a workout in while trying to manage a busy schedule, a busy toddler, and a busy career? Honestly guys, the answer to this is: I just fit it in where/when I can get it in. I’ve found that a great way to get my cardio in while still spending some QT with Aleksandar is by stroller jogging! Pushing a 17 pound stroller with a 33 pound baby in it can be a serious work out. Although pre-baby I wasn’t an advent runner or jogger for that matter I’ve actually enjoyed my stroller jogs with my little man. He gets to sight see and take in some fresh air and I get to blast Rihanna or Adele (depending on my mood) on my music player, doesn’t get much better than this as far as multitasking.

Stroller Jogging Essentials

  1. First thing’s first, snacks! Lots and lots of snacks that are easy to take on the go. I like cutting up carrots and celery sticks and smearing the celery with peanut butter. Aleksandar loves them!
  2. I honestly can not leave my house on any kind of jog without my headphones. These I love because they drown out all the noise and all I here is the crisp sound of Adele’s vocals. Takes me to another place… 
  3. I usually just use my iPhone and play Pandora on it but I thought these iPod Shuffles were way too cute; compact and colorful! LOVE
  4. A high impact sports bra is essential for more than obvious reasons.
  5. I like running jackets with a zipper front option and dry fit capabilities. This way I can just put the jacket over my sports bra and roll out and when needed I can zip it down a bit to cool off.
  6. A good pair of running capris are always a good idea.
  7. I like filling up a water bottle that is both lightweight and BPA free. 
  8. Yes, Im one of those people that prefers to match her sneakers to the workout outfit. I honestly must have adopted this from my husband because I don’t remember caring as much about matching kicks before.
  9. And of course a good jogging stroller makes all the difference. You need one that is lighter in weight and has traction wheels so that the ride is not as bumpy for your little one. I use the Baby Jogger City Mini but this is just my personal opinion. Here is a great article on top rated jogging strollers. I also found this article to be pretty informative.


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