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Floral Recipe {In The Prettiest Color Palette}

I think out of all the color palettes I have chosen for my clients when designing their floral arrangements my favorite are the palettes in soft tones. I made this arrangement in particular for clients that were celebrating their 50th Anniversary (I know right? #relationshipgoals!). I presented them with both a bold brighter color palette and a softer sweeter color palette both complimented by gold strikings. I was giddy when they chose the softer color palette. Im obsessed with arrangements in soft pastels. It was no surprise that I literally obsessed over this color palette for weeks until I was able to get it just right. I really love how it turned out and not only wanted to share the floral recipe with you but the psychology behind the color choices.

When clients give me the freedom to create a color palette for their celebration, it is imperative I get it right. In order to do this I consider a few different things while contemplating the color choices.

The venue. The space I will be dressing up is the first thing I consider. I like to do a walk-thru of the venue before I even put together an inspiration board for my clients.

The celebration. Next I consider what the celebration is about. Is it a wedding, a birthday celebration, a corporate event, a baby or bridal shower. Will it be Jack and Jill (co-ed) or ladies only. These are all very important in the decision and creative process.

The individuals being celebrated. It is a baby, and young couple, and high school graduate. When coming up with color palettes considering who I am ultimately designing for is an integral part of the process.

Here I used light pinks, creams, and peaches and added the green hydrangea for a surprise pop of color. Its nice to break the soft tones with a bolder green. Using a gold compote as my vessel rather than a more simple clear cylinder elevates the design and makes it feel more sophisticated.

The Recipe

  • 3 White Hydrangea
  • 1 green Hydrangea
  • 5 Peach Roses
  • 3 Light Pink Roses
  • 3 Pink Garden Roses
  • 3 White Ohara Roses
  • 3 Pink Peonies
  • Dusty Miller (1 stem)
  • Seeded Eucalyptus (1 stem)





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