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Home Staging Ideas {To Get An Empty Home Ready For Rent or Sale}

After building our home, from the ground up, we decided to dabble a bit in the real estate market. We’ve been pretty successful so far. And although a desirable neighborhood plays a huge role in driving traffic to a property it can also make for some fierce competition within that market. That is why the hubster elicited me to “style” and stage some homes. It’s made a world of difference in setting them apart and standing out within all the listings currently available in our market. Today I wanted to share with you some real simple and very affordable home staging ideas you can implement in order to get an empty home ready to rent or sale!


Give it a good cleaning and a coat of paint. Making a home squeaky clean is the first thing you should do when getting it ready to put on the market. Make sure the windows are clean and clear, refrigerator is free of any old food and spills, the floors are scrubbed and if need be polished. Making sure a home is clean will help tons when renters or buyers are deciding on a home. People want to just unpack and move right in. Not everyone can see past the dust bunnies! Another solid piece of advice is a coat of neutral paint. Its amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to refresh a home.




Add a pop of color Just a little pop of color can bring life into a space. I like adding a pop of red or blue in a kitchen. Because in an empty home furniture is either limited or non existent making use of the countertops in a kitchen can be a great place to add just that little hint of color.



Artificial Plants Using artificial plants in home staging is super convenient. It brings the elements of nature into the space without the added maintenance of plant care. I love how it warms up even an empty room!


Small details I always like to add a bowl of something fresh that can stay for days on end. Here I added squash bought at the local market and tossed it into a wire basket. Simple and instantly makes an empty home feel like “home”.


Flowers if you are feeling ambitious and commit to changing out your flowers weekly fresh flowers is the way to go. If you’re not up for it, I’d suggest using silk flowers. You can get silk flowers at affordable prices and the best part is that you can reuse them again and again in different spaces or different rooms in our home.


Place settings if you have the counter space or even better a dining room table, setting some place settings is always a nice touch. It adds another layer of color and instantly feels inviting.



Fresh Towels laying out some fresh towels in the bathrooms and a couple of neutral pieces like a soap dish and lotion dispenser helps potential buyers and renters envision themselves and their families utilizing those rooms.


Light a candle whenever possible lighting a candle or two in the kitchen and bathrooms is a great way to incorporate that feeling of fresh and clean. I like to use sweet surgery scents in the kitchen. Think cookie dough or gingerbread. The scent of something baking is always a nice touch.


Keep it neutral aside from the pops of color you’ll add everything else from the wall colors to the kitchen towels should be neutral. You should even shy away from adding any elements of any upcoming holidays. You want to cater to all of your market in order to attract the right buyer or renter.


Play up the positives take a close look at the space and make mental notes of all the positive things you can list about the home. Is the home flooded with lots of natural light? Great, have your realtor give the tours daytime. Is their a huge yard? Awesome, makes sure you keep it manicured and, when possible, get potential buyers or renters to tour the home on days when the weather is nice.


Hope you found this information helpful and although I am sure there is tons of advice out there on how to stage a home these are some of the things that have worked for us. How about you? Any home staging ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your comments below!


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