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We are in the final stages of the building process.  What a huge undertaking this has been for sure.  I will say I would do it again in a heart beat.  As trying as it has been its been the most amazing experience to custom build a home you will share with your family for many years to come.  As we do our final design decisions and place the last of the orders, I am feeling very proud of what we’ve accomplished.  We’re not only building a home, we are making memories and setting roots.  Mikaela will take her first steps in this home.  Aleksandar will most likely have the entire basketball team over for pizza and video games.  The hubby and I will sit back on the patio on sunday evenings admiring the pavers we picked out some years back.  This is more than a home; it is our home.   #wearebuilding

Before I share images of the house in its current state, let me take you to the beginning…



house-update-5Upstairs hallway

house-update-4Breakfast Area


house-update-6Master Bedroom

house-update-7    He loves his secret hiding space



Kids bedrooms



I will be posting more updates in the weeks to come.  Can’t wait to get to the interior decorating!  I will for sure be sharing those updates as well.  In the meantime, I’ll be posting the house progressions here.

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