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How To Make An Arch With Balloons {Without Damaging The Walls}


I know you’ve all seen the tutorials on Pinterest. The big and beautiful and lush balloon arches created for everything from wedding celebrations to baby showers to birthday parties! Of course, being the overly ambitious party stylist, I decided I wanted to recreate something similar for Mikaela’s 2nd Birthday but there was only one problem…our walls! The original tutorials used packers tape and duct tape to hang, hold, and shape the chicken wire. Thing is we just moved into our home a little over a year ago and to be honest I wasn’t quite ready to ruin the walls. So after a few trial and errors we finally figured out the right formula for creating an arch of balloons without damaging the walls!! Whoop, whoop! Read on for the full tutorial.


What You’ll Need


What You’ll Do

  • With your kraft paper cover the area you plan to use and adhere it with poster hanging strips

  • Adhere the 16 Ib Command Hooks to the wall first, then add the 5Ib, and then the .5 Ib hooks making sure the entire area is covered and ready for placement of the chicken wire
  • Cut the chicken wire to fit the area you plan to cover and hang the chicken wire from the hooks you’ve placed

  • Using your pump blow up balloons (using balloons in different sizes will create and dimension and visual interest. We used 5″, 9″, and 12″ balloons)
  • Create clusters of balloons by folding your packing tape 2 times and creating sticky double sides (Side note…Many tutorials suggested forming the balloon clusters by glueing them together with a low temperature hot glue gun. This however did not work for us as the balloons, even at a low temperature setting, could not take the heat. We used packing tape instead and it worked great!)
  • Adhere each cluster to the chicken wire using another piece of folded packing tape. At this point your mission is to just cover the entire surface of chicken wire. Its actually super fun!!
  • Optional-once all of your wire is covered with balloons you can now add some accessories for extra styling

Some final notes…this project was so fun but definitely a labor of love. It took 3 people nearly an entire day to create. Of course, covering the walls took some extra time but it was well worth it. Not one damage occurred to our walls. The hubby was very happy about that! It also helped to form an assembly line. While one person pumped balloons, the other created clusters and handed it over to the next person on the step ladder, that would then stick the cluster onto the wire.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. I’d love to see your balloon arches!!


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