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How To Make Glitter Glasses In 3 Easy Steps

This DIY project is so super simple that I contemplated dedicating a whole post to it. In reality though, don’t we all need a little glitter in our lives? These were used for a New Year’s Eve party but can honestly be used for any occasion. Think Bachelorette Party, Engagement Dinner, Baby Shower. The possibilities are endless! That’s why, in the end, I couldn’t keep this little secret all to myself. Here is how to make glitter glasses in 3 easy steps!




What You Need

  1. Drink glasses of your choice
  2. Glitter glass paint
  3. Foam stencil brush


What You Do

  1. Rub the glass with alcohol and let dry a few seconds before painting
  2. Apply glitter paint to your glass in a pouncing motion moving from the bottom of the glasses to about 3/4 of the way up the glass. Fade the paint a bit as you go up so that the bottom of the glass gets most of the paint. You don’t have to be perfect. Just have fun with it!
  3. Allow your painted glass to cure (or dry) for 5 days before use. Enjoy at your next parrrrtay!



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