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How To Make Sure Your Bridal Bouquet Is Pinterest Worthy {Part 1}



Let’s be honest every bride dreams of holding that beautiful bridal bouquet filled with her favorite blooms in her hands she is walking down the aisle on her special day. You spend countless amounts of hours scouring Pinterest gathering inspiration and piecing together the perfect bridal bouquet. I know, as a one time bride I get it! And as an event planner & designer I REALLY get it! But how exactly do you get that bouquet to not only come together beautifully but stay that way all day long? Well girls, today I am here to help ensure your bridal bouquet is Pinterest worthy and stays that way throughout your whole wedding day. Now, there is a little science behind choosing the blooms that will make up your bouquet. Things to consider to ensure your bridal bouquet is Pinterest worthy are…




The time of year you are getting married You should work closely with your florist to make sure the flowers you choose are in season. If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to have your blooms brought in specifically for your special day it may be best to choose flowers that are in season in accordance to your wedding day.




The look and feel of your wedding and your dress Are you wearing an all white gown? Then possibly those Anemones may not be the best idea as they can easily leave a black residue on your dress. Maybe instead opt to have them shown off in your reception center pieces.


Ruffled - photo by With Love and Embers


Your color scheme Is it soft and muted? Or more deep and rich? I’d suggest again working closely with your florist to create an unforgettable palette for your bouquet that will not only compliment your dress but the overall scheme of your wedding.




The style you’d like to achieve Do you want a bouquet that is a little more glam and lush or more simple and classic? Remember, the more lush and full your bouquet is the heavier it is to carry all day. Trust me I speak from experience ;)


Ruffled - photo by -


Play it up or play it down How will you dress up your bouquet? You can go as simple as having the stems exposed. This gives your bouquet a more organic look. Or you can adorn the stems with a ribbon that compliments the look and feel of your wedding. I personally LOVE these.



Put your stamp on it This is where you can have fun getting creative to personalize your bouquet making it even more special to you. Maybe you can tie the stems with an old vintage scarf that once belonged to your grandmother. Or maybe you pin a brooch to it that your mom wore on her wedding. Or maybe you sew an old earring that you once wore on repeat when out with friends as a silent tribute to your days as “single ladies” (I totally did that {see pic above :) }


Check back on Monday for some great tips on keeping your bouquet looking beautiful and Pinterest ready all day!

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