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How To Make Sure Your Bridal Bouquet Is Pinterest Worthy {Part 2}



So you’ve got this beautiful bouquet you dreamed up using tips from Friday’s post, now what? How does one keep this beautiful creation looking fresh and untouched for the entire day? Here are some tips that will aid in making sure your bridal bouquet is Pinterest worthy and will remain that way throughout your special day.




Hydrate it a little bit of H2O goes a long way. How would you look and feel if you were left parched for hours on end? It goes the same for your bridal bouquet. Most florists will deliver your bouquet in a vase with a teeny tiny bit of water. The reason for this is because your blooms need to drink and hydrate in order to look their best. Another thing to consider is the amount of water in the vase. You don’t want that beautiful ribbon and embellishment to get even a bit wet before you say your I Do’s so just a little bit will be just fine.




Handle with care many stems tend to bruise easily when touched. And some will even start to show bruising right away. In order to prevent this, resist the urge to touch the petals of your flowers. The oils from your fingers will start to show on them. Some blooms that are especially sensitive to bruising are Roses, Gardenias, and Callas.




Placement is key If you are not able to have someone in charge of bringing the vase to keep the bouquet in once you are out of your dressing or changing room try to keep the bouquet standing upright by gently having it lean against a bed or a chair. Same goes for those beautiful shots the photographer will take of your bouquet. Try to place the bouquet down on a side that have will have less impact on the petals and gently place on a bed or chair. As a bonus, those make for some amazing shots!




Camera ready by making sure your bouquet is camera ready you are already ensuring your stunning masterpiece will be seen all across Pinterest! To do this always have any embellishment facing towards the camera (meaning away from you and looking out instead). Or with the blooms facing outward (stems towards you). This way the camera will capture the bouquet at its best angle.




The switch up A lot of times brides lament having tossed their gorgeous bouquets at the reception. Lament no more, simply discuss with your florist beforehand. Have them create a smaller more simple version of your bouquet for the toss.  This way the lucky gal that catches the bouquet will have an unforgettable memento from you and you get to take your beautiful bad boy home…and stare at it for a few more days. I know I did :)


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