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Let’s Have Fun With Our Morning Yogurt!

We’re having a great time in Macedonia right now. The weather has been nothing but perfect. I’ll take sunny breezy days any time! Aleksandar has been having a blast running around with his cousins. No worries pics to come ;). In the meantime, I wanted to share a quick and super easy yogurt recipe to add a little fun to your mornings, snack times, or even your next party!

This is a recipe that my friend Melissa shared with me and its been a favorite at our house since. I love it because its so simple, requiring very little help from me once its all set up. So think a fun yogurt bar you can set up on the breakfast table or kitchen counter or even drink bar. A few Chobani yogurt cups, some healthy toppings like strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blueberries (basically anything berry would be delish), and Kashi Oatmeal cookies for that crunchy texture. Possibilities are endless and its really something so simple and fun for the kids to make themselves.


Plain or Vanilla non fat or low fat yogurt (I like to use the Chobani Yogurt cups since most of the work is done for you)
Kashi Oatmeal Raison Cookie


Add desired ingredients to the yogurt cup (do not skip the oatmeal raison cookie…trust me on this). And done!

We’ll be sunbathing in the South of France for the 4th but if I were hosting a July 4th over at our home I’d definitely have a yogurt bar and maybe add some Nutella or Chocolate Chips and coconut shavings to the mix. Yumm!

Happy July everyone!

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