Family Living Series


{Taking In The Sun}
Enjoying the infinity pool at the Adam & Eve Hotel in Antalya, Turkey. This was hands down the most relaxing vacation Ive ever had


{Ben & Jerry’s}
Nothing satisfies a craving for ice cream more than Ben & Jerry’s…well, except for a fridge full of Ben & Jerry’s! Cake Batter anyone?


{Nanight Cookie Monster}
The moment your kid wraps his stuffed toy with his very own blanket and offers him his “Bunny” to “sleep” is the day you realize that he will one day do this for real for his own kids…I live for these “ahhh” moments


{Macaroons For Breakfast}
Because some mornings are deserving of Macaroons with your coffee
{Macaroon Bandit}
And just like that I am once again reminded that mornings are no longer my own…but, sharing is caring after all
Have a great weekend!


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