My First Post!

Although family has always been the most important element of my life, my career took up most of my efforts & focus. Then one day along came a boy…Enter Aleks my now fiance. Aleks has shown me love like i’ve never experienced. He’s the kind that will tell me how beautiful I am first thing in the morning before Ive even brushed my teeth. Thats love! lol…and well he takes me the way I am. This is me: I experience life through emotions. I feel colors, see love, smell achievement, hear a smile. I find bits & pieces of who I am in unexpected places. I am sensitive and intuitive, passionate and imperfect. Im that girl dancing to the beat of her own voice and find comfort in a cup of my mom’s cafe con leche (Yes, Im Puerto Rican…hahaa). My fears of losing who I was is absolutely trumped by the excitement of entering this new world of motherhood. In short, somehow & somewhere in the delicate layers of who we are there is both a heart and a breath. While one side of the heart empties the other fills. When one breath runs out, another begins. This is my journey from model to mom and the intricate, wonderful layers, and at times, fears wedged in between…

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