10 Room Design Ideas To Make A New Home Feel Lived In

When we were building our home I loved the feel of the space. It was bright and airy and overall just felt good. Only problem is that having a new home means you have to fill the space and give it a bit of personality or it can really feel stale and sort of, blah. Here are 10 fail proof room design ideas to make a brand new home feel more “lived in.”




Paint the walls The first and probably the biggest major change you can make to a space is giving it a coat of paint. Although I LOVE me some white walls I knew our home would have A LOT of white throughout. So it was important to warm the walls up a bit by giving them a light gray coat of paint. It still gives the space the light and airy feel I wanted but adds a bit of warmth so that not everything is stark white. Plus it gives the white trim its own moment to shine in the room.



Bring the outside in Next, add flowers and greenery! This is also such a simple way to bring in some color and breathe life to a space. Plants and flowers instantly give a room a warm welcoming feeling.



A comfy sofa We spend a lot of time cuddled up on the sofa so making sure that our sofa was not only pretty but totally functional was a must.


Add throw pillows Pillows are another great way to bring in color and allows for the introduction of new patterns and textures adding that bit of personal style that makes a house a home.


Add a throw I have to say this is a must! It took me quite some time to convince my hubby that we needed a faux animal throw. Now, he is the first one to grab it and throw it over his legs to get comfy.



Create a nook Whether you create a seating area around a fireplace or throw some pillows in a corner and use that little space as a reading nook, creating a small little vignette that invites conversation or relaxation will always give the feel of a homey space.



Make it personal The people living in the space is the way a room tells its story. Your first vacation as a couple? Put a frame on it! The day he proposed? Put a frame on it! Your son’s 1st Birthday party? That’s right you guessed it, put a frame on it! Display life’s special moments. It makes a space instantly feel like there is life happening in it.


Vintage rug This is my favorite room design idea for making any new home feel like it has character. A vintage rug fits right into any kind of design style whether modern and streamlined or classic and traditional. I was obsessed with finding the absolute perfect Turkish Over Dyed Rug to replace the more modern geometric rug we had before. I love our rug that we purchased from All Modern. It gives the living room that warmth and begs to be walked on with bare feet. So cozy!



Curate it You know all those really amazing pieces you’ve collected along the way in your travels or those you received as wedding gifts or even those cool coffee table books you’ve read dozens of times but just can’t part with? Make them a collection and display them on your coffee table or style your shelves with them. A room that holds heirlooms and collectables feels as if it has a certain air of being well traveled.



Perfect imperfections So your coffee table has a chip in it from when your son smashed a toy on it. Or your picture frames still hold your daughter’s smudge marks because she insists on kissing those same pictures everyday so you’ve given up on wiping them down. Let it go. That is one piece of advice I have to tell myself on a daily basis because it’s all of those little imperfections that make a home feel just perfect.

And there you have it! 10 simple room design ideas to make a new space feel more cozy and “lived in.” I included a list of sources below. Hope this inspires you to warm up a room in your home now that the cooler months are here. What about you guys, any great ideas on how to cozy up a room? Im already brainstorming ideas for some Fall decor and I’d love to hear from you!


Sofa/Coffee Table/Throw/Striped Pillows(similar)/Embroidered Pillows(similar)/Side Table(similar)/Turkish Rug(similar)/Faux Flowers/Chinoiserie Vases/Julep Vase

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