Let’s catch up!

So much to catch up on. Lets see where to start, where to start…ok we closed on the condo last week. WOO HOO!!!! So excited about that. I thought we could close, the contractors would be out of there, we’d move in, and mama could finally begin her nesting. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. This is what the condo looks like as of today.


We chose to knock down a wall in the master bedroom to open up the room…thats not finished…recessed lighting throughout the apartment…not finished…custom closets and paint…can’t get done until these other projects are finished.

Bottom line…no nesting for me for another 2 or so weeks. Womp, womp

On a lighter and brighter note I have a couple of teasers…

My maternity shoot with the fabulous Jessica Lavoie (www.jessicalavoie.com)

And the beautiful baby shower my friends put together for us

More to come stay tuned… ;)

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