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Winter is fast approaching and much like the nice cool (or ice cold depending how you look at it) weather and the changing colors of the landscape around me I find myself needing a change of my own. New season, new look, new home…
Most people do their spring cleaning which leads to some redecorating in the spring. This spring I was in the throws of planning my son’s first birthday, leaving all efforts of home organization and redecoration hanging at the way side. You can see his mod “Hoop Dreams” inspired birthday party featured on Amy Atlas here.

My husband Aleks is very into modern furnishings and clean lines but isn’t afraid of color. I myself like modern as well but do appreciate a home thats luxurious and chic and love integrating global pieces. So I’m thinking of marrying our likes and going for an urban luxury and chic vibe. This is the inspiration board I created to illustrate what Im envisioning.

I definitely want to do a play on black and white and have pops of color sprinkled throughout whether it by way of art or fresh flowers or pillows and accessories. The Mondrian Hotel was our host hotel when we got married last December so it is fitting that the hotel’s designer Marcel Wanders is my design go to guru. I love how playful yet chic his work is. Im a huge fan. I definitely also wanted to integrate some sort of flocked wallpaper and, against all wishes from the hubby, I want no need some sort of cowhide in the bedroom *swoon*. I just love the texture that a cowhide adds to the scheme of things. It’ll blend so well with the woods and lacquer that will play such an intricate role in the space. I absolutely love!

We meet with the interior designer on Thursday. I’m pretty excited to see what she has come up with. She’s amazing and is right on the money when it comes to figuring out what it is we want and need in our space. I honestly wanted to do it all myself and almost feel guilty having hired a designer but as my husband often reminds me I’ve had over a year to do this. Juggling the baby, the career, the everyday maintenance of a home, the hubby and not to mention the start up of my own event design company (more on that later ;)), I’ve had little to no time to fine tune the details of our home that will make it just that; our home. When i was pregnant with Aleksandar we decided to buy outside of the city. We knew we’d definitely get more for our money, and decided on a city right outside of downtown Manhattan. It’s a beautiful community with skyscrapers upon skyscrapers right on the water. Lots of young families just like us. The living is very similar to NYC living. Yup, beautiful condo with breathtaking views but minimal storage space! The challenge is in creating storage on available walls without having the feel of an office space rather than the comfy feel of a home. My objective is to redefine the space to accommodate custom storage pieces without compromising our design aesthetic; no easy feat. So I can not wait to see what the design team has come up with! Looking forward to entertaining and living functionally and very very organized. I’m a freak, yes I said it, FREAK when it comes to clutter. I can not stand it. So bring on the clean lines, and structure and functionality. Oh how I’ve waited for you…

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    Glo 6 years ago

    Thank so much for hosting us yesterday. Your place looks great. I love how you tied all of the rooms together and created sleek storage spaces which blended with the decor. I am definitely looking to steal some of your looks and integrate them into my very much needed design makeover. Smooches. Xo

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