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How To Wear White To A Wedding {Without Out Staging The Bride}


Tradition says that wearing white to a wedding is a no-go! But now that modern day brides are inching away from formal traditions and setting more of their own unique traditions many are now saying that wearing white to a wedding is no longer a fashion faux pas. If you really find yourself wanting to wear that new white dress that is just begging to be worn, I’d follow these guidelines on how to wear white to a wedding without out staging the bride.

Consider the fabric it should be nice and light. Nothing too heavy or formal or too delicate like tulle or lace.


Keep it simple avoid adorning your hair, wrists, or hands with anything too sparkly or embellished. Keep your jewelry simple and understated and of course leave the flower crown at home :)

Avoid a long gown or dress At all cost, avoid wearing a long dress. You don’t want to wear anything that even resembles a bridal gown. Staying mid length is always a safe bet.


Go with your gut if you’re still second guessing your decision to wear that white dress to the wedding maybe you should consider wearing something else instead. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or insecure about what you are wearing when you should be celebrating your loved ones on their big day.


What about you? Would you consider wearing white to a wedding?

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