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Why Not…Some Local Love




Nestled in a quite little side street in the West Village of NYC is one of New York’s coziest and coolest cafes. Why Not is a coffee bar that offers great coffee, chill atmosphere, a wide selection of pastries (even of the vegan kind!) and wine after dark. I absolutely loved everything about this place from the throw-back John Varvatoos record player (not just for show I must add-you can actually bring in your favorite vinyl, play it, and jam!), to the nice and bold Blue Bottle Coffee they serve, down to the beautiful bright artwork surrounding the walls. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a cozy Jazz bar downstairs where you can enjoy an evening of wine and jazz playing. The complimentary wifi is definitely a plus and always welcoming to all kinds of folks. So, whether you’re a student, the work from home type looking to change up your work environment, or just a coffee aficionado that appreciates some mean barista skills, Why Not is your spot!


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